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A Montauk fishing charter is a popular way to experience the beauty of the east end of Long Island while having a great day on the ocean to experience the abundant local and offshore fishing that Long Island waters have to offer. Whether you prefer to host a private party or business gathering or just take a scenic tour to explore the beauty of the water and enjoy the sun and surf, we can arrange a private trip that will be one that your guests will not soon forget.


We offer both local and offshore fishing packages for you and your guests. If you are concerned about being out on the open seas for too long then a local fishing package may be right for you but if you prefer to catch some of the beasts of the sea, then offshore a Montauk fishing charter is just right for you.

Local fishing will offer you the chance to catch Cod, Green Bonito, Flounders, Porgies, Black Fish, Mackerel, Blue Fish, Fluke and especially Striped Bass, depending on the season that you wish to go out. You will stay in shallower waters, without having to go too far out to sea. It is a great experience and creates a relaxing day fishing and enjoying the beautiful open waters off the shore of Montauk.

Our Montauk fishing charter has state of the art equipment to help you locate deep ocean fish such as dolphin fish, giant tuna, blue marlin, and yes, even shark. We take expert sport fishers and even novice fisherman with our experienced captain to make it an unforgettable day.

Private Parties

When our Montauk fishing charter is called upon for a private party, we make sure that it will be a day that will be emblazoned in the memories of all of your guests. We can arrange to go locally or offshore, and, depending on the season, we can fish for the game of your choice. Our beautiful boat allows you to experience all that the waters of the east end have to offer all while enjoying your time with family, friends and business associates.

If you are celebrating a special event or a bachelor party, you can even arrange to bring a cake or food and drinks on board to celebrate whatever you would like. If you are entertaining business associates and need time to talk, we can even arrange to stop at certain locations to give you some down time as well.

Scenic Tours

The waters surrounding Montauk are unlike any other. The abundance of species of fish, and the beauty of the surrounding areas are rivaled by none. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are found on the east end of Long Island and our Montauk fishing charter is the perfect way to experience them. Whether you are entertaining a loved one or are coming in a group, we can arrange for a scenic tour that you will all remember for years to come. If there is a specific location that you would like to see, we can arrange for that as well, just let our captain know and we can arrange for you to experience all that the east end of Long Island has to offer.

Captains Scott Schafer & Wayne King
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